so guys pubg has been banned in India as let’s hope it will return but we don’t know yet! and we need to shift to some other game so in this article, I am going to tell you the top 5 games like pubg / pubg alternatives which can shift to and are really good and are must play! some games on this list are really underrated and maybe you have not played yet so let’s start the article!

so guys before starting the article if you are new to the web do subscribe my dream was to reach 100k subs which seem to be in danger as the pub is now banned so do help me reach that goal if you can! also, we will put the like target to be 500 likes so do complete this target! so let’s start the article the first game is your favorite one only that is pubg Korean / pubg kr and chances are high that it may not get banned and we can play our favorite game this version is totally Korean Tencent shares are missing in this version but there is no official confirmation about this!

so we cant decide its fate but we have included purge kr in this list as its most likely to not get banned you can download this from the I button at the top right corner of this article and this Korean version is 100% matching to global pubg I think its 120% of pubg global because its better than global so do download it from the link given above! now coming to our next game that is cod mobile/call of duty mobile this is one of the best battle royale game in competition to pubg but pubg also included cod features after an update like team deathmatches so if you wanna experience unique gameplay do go for cod mobile its the best option after pubg ban for me! though they should improve its battle royale mode still TDM mode is really epic and much better than pubg mobile

so the call of duty deserves a place in our list and is the best pubg alternative of all time and cod won’t get banned as they have ended their partnership with Tencent and Activision owner of cod is an us-based company and is not Chinese so no ban!

though it was under review! so cod is our best bet for now after pubg ban in India! now coming to the next game that is the last island of survival this game is really underrated but when you look down to its features there are many surprises hidden for you this game is really fun this game will give you the feel of minecraft , fortnite and pubg mobile in its gameplay its a real combo of all so guys if have not tried this game yet then do give it a try this game is really addictive and is like pubg also you can start the grind here! this is a cool game that must try and deserves a good spot in our list!

but this game is in growing stage now coming to next game which is one of the most famous game in india that is free fire though i dont like it personally but this game is must for low end devices and give pubg like experience at low budget this game is really cool and is unique there are also many characters available in this game and game is a good alternative of pubg so you can switch to free fire also

this game is very good for low end devices so this game deserves a spot in our list as of now pubg is banned its time to move on to indian games now coming to our final game which one of the oldest game that is clash of clans / coc this game was one of my favourite and is one of the oldest game and is the first game to introduce clan features in android game which is now common in all games like pubg cod shadow fight 2 etc they are the creator of clan system global chats etc and this game is really additive like pubg and is really good and time killer ofc now its time to clash on also their trailers are really good! and this game is great for low-end devices!

so the clash of clans deserves a spot in our list of top 5 games like pubg so this was our list

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