Vivo S1 Pro Unboxing | Features & Price

Vivo S1 Pro Unboxing | Features & Price

Hello and welcome to techpidia! My name is waris and this is the unboxing of Vivo S1 Pro. Vivo had launched Vivo S1 a little while ago.

And that phone created a rousing fire in the market, at that time because in Rs 36,000/- price range it was the only phone in which a Super AMOLED Display was given.

And now Vivo is about to launch its successor which is S1 Pro. The phone will be launched in Pakistan with the official retail of Rs 43,999/- But you might get it for less in the offline market. And this is a very competitive price, indeed.

Vivo S1 Pro Unboxing | Features & Price
Vivo S1 Pro Unboxing | Features & Price

The pre-orders of this phone will start on 4th January 2019 Whereas the phone will start arriving in the market from 11 January 2019 In Pakistan this phone is launching with just one variant. Which is 8 GB RAM and 128 GB Built-in storage? If we talk about colour options, then there are two colour options, one is black and another is our device for today, which is dreamy white. If we take a look at the box, some take away features are mentioned over here. A 48MP AI Quad Camera, a 32MP Front camera an in-display fingerprint sensor and a Dual Engine Fast Charging.

And if we talk about the main competitors then at this point in the market, the main competitors of Vivo S1 Pro are Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro, and Realme 5 Pro. The competition would be very tough, indeed. Because both of those are very capable as well. That is all for the intro. Let’s move towards the unboxing now. If you are new, then subscribe to our web and turn on the notifications.

Vivo S1 Pro Unboxing | Features & Price
Vivo S1 Pro Unboxing | Features & Price

And we are on Instagram too so follow us @reviews_pk The box is a little different this time. Normally it’s white, but this is silver which has a multi-coloured hologram effect on it. We will open this box now. Let’s remove the plastic over the box first.

Then let’s break the seal and remove the lid. There is a folder at the topmost. Which includes a USB Type-C Cable, a SIM Ejector Tool, some user manuals which are in Urdu as well. The interface of Vivo phones are localized too and the setup screen is in Urdu And like always, extra points for localization. Along with it, there is this silicon protective case.

If we move forward, this is the handset of Vivo S1 Pro But first, let’s look at the remaining contents of the box. There is a Dual Engine Fast Charging Brick in the box, which will charge the phone on 18W, and a handsfree headset.

Vivo S1 Pro Unboxing | Features & Price
Vivo S1 Pro Unboxing | Features & Price

Now let’s remove the covering over the phone and take a closer look at it. If we talk about design and build, the back of the phone is of this glossy plastic, which looks like glass. It is basically made of a plastic-type of material.

The rail in the middle is of plastic as well and is in this copper colour. The back of the phone is curved, and if we talk about the button placements, on the right side of the phone, there are volume rockers and Power & Screen On/Off buttons.

Vivo S1 Pro Unboxing | Features & Price
Vivo S1 Pro Unboxing | Features & Price

And this power button is given in this contrasting red colour. Along with it, there is a SIM tray on the left side. And at the bottom, there is a mic, USB Type-C Port and a Speaker Grill, whereas the Headphone Jack is given at the top side. A 6.38 inches Super AMOLED Display is given in Vivo S1 Pro. Which has a Full HD 1080 x 2340 resolution, and the pixel density is 404 ppi. There is this tiny dew drop notch at the top of the display. and the side bezels are slim whereas the chin is a little wider than that. This display is completely identical to Vivo S1’s display. Same size, same pixel density, and the similar notch. Along with that, an in-display fingerprint sensor is also present in the display.

And on first look, the speed of this fingerprint sensor is seeming quite decent. Not too fast, but not sluggish either.

This display is the main selling point of Vivo S1 Pro because in this price range, Super AMOLED Displays are not seen. This was the reason why Vivo S1 was greatly successful.

And I think, in the future, Vivo S1 Pro will take over Vivo S1’s place too. Super AMOLED Displays are superior to IPS LCD Displays.

Their colours are more punchy, their blacks are deeper. You can turn the dark mode in these and save your battery as well and you get always-on-display kind of features too. And right now, in-display fingerprint technology can be added in AMOLED Panels only. Therefore, Super AMOLED Displays are considered superior for gaming and video content consumption. Now lets talk about, the specifications and internals of this phone. Snapdragon 665 chipset is given in the phone which is based on an 11nm architecture. Along with it, there is Adreno 610 GPU in the phone.

Vivo S1 Pro Unboxing | Features & Price
Vivo S1 Pro Unboxing | Features & Pric

As mentioned earlier, there is 8GB RAM and 128GB built-in storage in the phone. And this phone comes with a hybrid SIM slot.

Which means you can either insert two SIMs or one SIM and one micro SD card up to 256GB. Along with it, another upgrade that is added is that last time Micro USB Port was given, But this time for DATA and Charging, a USB Type C Port is given The processor and GPU configuration is a little different than Vivo S1. But still I think, it seems a little weak for this price range. Because other competitors, in this price range are giving Snapdragon 712 and MediaTek Helio G-90T like processors. But we have seen some upgrades over S1 over there as well.

And the biggest upgrade of that is 8 GB RAM, because in this price range, Vivo S1 offered 4GB RAM. Therefore, this is a good thing. A USB Type-C upgraded from Micro USB is also a good thing.

I know a lot of you guys always demand USB Type-C and with USB Type-C your phone becomes a little future proof as well And across different devices you don’t have to need different cables too. Moving forwards, if we talk about battery, the battery setup here is completely similar to the one we saw in Vivo S1. Which means, a 4,500 mAh battery is given. And along with it, Vivo’s own Dual Engine Fast Charging Capability is present. Which will charge the phone on 18W. If we talk about interface, Vivo S1 Pro will ship with Android 9.0 Pie. And Vivo’s own FuntouchOS 9.2 is given in it.

FuntouchOS is basically inspired by Apple’s iOS. Therefore, you get all your icons on your home screen. Apart from that, the menus of FuntouchOS looks similar to Apple’s as well, and the control centre comes from the bottom of the screen too as it used to in Apple Phones before. Let’s talk about the biggest selling point of this phone, and that is its cameras.

A Quad Camera setup is given at the back, which is housed in this interesting diamond-shaped array. Along with it, a red accent is also added to it. There is a 48MP Wide Angle lens of f/1.8 aperture in Vivo S1 Pro. Which is its main lens? Alongside, there is an 8MP Ultra-wide lens of f/2.2 aperture, a 2MP Macro Camera and a 2MP Depth Sensor, for blurred background and portrait effects. Maximum article recording resolution of the back camera is set to 4K at 30 frames per second. And if we come to the front side, then here is a 32MP Wide Angle selfie shooter of f/2.0 aperture. In Vivo S1 Pro, the exact same camera and hardware is given that we have seen in V-17. A few days ago I reviewed V-17 too, and I liked its camera quite much. So we will use this phone for a few days now, and it will be tested completely only then we would know how the performance of the camera actually is like.

This phone is competing with Redmi Note 8 Pro’s 48MP sensor, and Realme’s Computational Photography. So this phone has to maintain its camera game-high. Now I will use this phone for a few days and will report back my full review.

But if we talk about some of my initial thoughts, the main reason for the success of Vivo S1 was its Super AMOLED Display.

Alongside a decent processor, a big battery and a low price. Where Vivo S1 lacked slightly behind was in its camera game. Because a very under spec camera was given in it. But now, with Vivo S1 Pro Vivo has overcome that complain as well and has now given a very strong camera setup in the phone. Now we have to see how the phone performs.

And with AMOLED screen, its possible that Vivo might’ve scored another goal.

What are your thoughts on Vivo S1 Pro? And do you think this will be another score from Vivo? Do let me know in the comment section below.

That’s all for this article I hope you liked it. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe as usual. I will meet you in the next article. Goodbye!

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